Who is this guy?

I am a freelance 3D Artist living and working in Barcelona (Spain).

After nearly a decade in London working side by side with the cream of the crop as a TD, now I work with studios remotely around the world creating 3D content for feature films, games, broadcast and advertising.

I’m passionate about Art, coding and technology. My usual tools are Cinema4D and RedShift but I can work also with Maya and Blender, or any other 3d related software if I have time to learn.

Over the last years I’ve been moved into the realtime scene, so today I’m comfortable working in Unreal and Unity. I love to play with the latest technology and happy to bring all my conventional CG experience in the mix.

I am available for short term and longer term remote projects internationally. If you’d like to talk to me about your specific project requirements, please get in touch and say hello.