Artwork by Julio Dean

Chromadays is a generative 3D art collection.

In math, time can be defined as the ongoing and continuous sequence of events that occur in succession, from the past through the present to the future.

The challenge was to convert the math behind the 365 days a year into a progressive and loopable visual representation based in colours and shapes.

Starting from a Fibonacci sequence and mixing a Voronoi diagram noise to spread the shapes organically with a sorted spectrum palette we get a particular result.  A series of satisfying colorful sculptures forming an organic sequence.

Technically was done using Cinema4D and the renders are 7000px squared. The size is perfect for proper printing till A2, 59x59cm, 23x23in.


The drop contains:

Chromadays 365 #01 to #10 / mp4 2000px / Edition of 10

Chromadays #001 to #365 / png 7000px / Edition of 1
from Jan 01 to Dec 31

Julio Dean is a professional visual and 3D Artist from Spain. He has more than twenty years of experience in animation and tridimensional design, he worked on Sci-fi Hollywood films, great AAA Games, TV Idents and lately involved in cutting edge  projects like Metaverse, VR and AR experiences, collaborating with amazing studios around the world.